When I was a kid, I’d play outside all day. But once the darkness came, I’d see the porch light come on and know it was time to go home. My friends and I were so engrossed in whatever we were doing that we didn’t anticipate the coming darkness. The light was our signal to […]

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Two for Oneness

Darkness doesn’t exist. It’s not a thing. It’s not animal, vegetable, mineral, energy, plasma or anything else. Darkness is simply a word to describe the absence of light. Sort of like emptiness. That’s also not a thing, but the absence of something. When you feel alone, defeated, depressed, when you feel like giving up, that’s […]

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Is Your Leader Generous or Selfish?

Lead by example – a phrase we’ve all heard at least once. Every solid leader, manager, supervisor, boss, parent, authority figure worth their title embraces this philosophy. Teach your followers, team members, employees, children, etc to do by watching you do first. With that in mind, if you are in any sort of position of […]

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Rain of Arrows

Ever feel like you’re so under attack the rain of arrows blocks out the sun? As if you’re constantly fighting in the darkness? Like no matter what you do you can’t get away from the incessant barrage? It happens to all of us from time to time. Or at least it should. Like it or […]

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Give Your Love

I’ve often thought that our duty in this world is to take in darkness and never let it back out. Sort of how trees take in carbon monoxide and release oxygen, it’s our duty to transform the darkness into light. Address happy people with kindness. A friendly wave to the man leaning into road rage. […]

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Clothed in Evil

Our world is embracing evil. In many cases simply by ignoring it. Using actions like the recent mass murders to further political agendas. ( Make no mistake, by calling them acts of terror or mass shootings or anything else we marginalize what they really are… murder. The ultimate incarnation of evil – to extinguish a […]

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What Do You Crave?

Every Sunday hundreds of millions of Americans gather to worship. Not that kind of worship. We worship at the altar of pro football. Others worship at the altar of Hollywood celebrity. Even more worship at the altar of Amazon or Target or Macys, as if acquiring more stuff will ever feed a hungry heart. For […]

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What Do You See?

Is this image above a sunrise or a sunset? Do you see light coming or darkness approaching? Is your normal default to expect the positive or anticipate the negative? In all honesty, far too often I find myself in the later camp. Awaiting fault, looking for imperfection, preparing for the approaching darkness. It’s an all […]

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