Clothed in Evil

Our world is embracing evil.

In many cases simply by ignoring it.

Using actions like the recent mass murders to further political agendas. ( Make no mistake, by calling them acts of terror or mass shootings or anything else we marginalize what they really are… murder. The ultimate incarnation of evil – to extinguish a light in another living person.)

Using the actions to drive TV ratings or website hits or social media impressions. We’re fueling our own desire for success with the blood of innocents.

As a people, we stand waist deep in the river of hate, allowing it to flow past us without any seeming knowledge of its existence.

A man in the grip of evil  interrupts a Sunday service in a small town church and murders dozens.

No mention of evil in the headlines, just arguments over gun laws, finger pointing over rules, regulations and laws. The unending blame game that never once brought a person back to life.

We cannot politicize evil.

We cannot regulate it.

We cannot force it out of existence with laws and legislature.

We allow it to fester in the darkness of our ignorance. While we fight for what’s not right, it coils like a serpent, laughing at us, while preparing the next strike.

And the next one will come.

Another church? Another elementary school? A sports stadium? The next mass murder is a foregone conclusion – as if it’s already happened.

And, while many know this, few take action.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

And oh so many good people are doing nothing and will continue to do nothing other than lament and complain and sensationalize.

Why does evil strike a church? A school? Why strike there? Because that’s where light lives. Where hope flourishes.

Evil knows.

We must all take a stand, block the gap, intercede with light, give hope, offer love.

Evil revels in the darkness. So, we must all be prepared to drive it out with light – and when it attacks us for shining on it, we must take shelter in the One who created light, hope and love.

Anything else furthers the agenda of evil, the master plan of darkness.

Make a pact today to be the light. Shine encouragement into the lives of everyone you meet. If we all did this, evil would have no place to hide, no dark soul to fester in, no more Devin Kellys or Timothy McVays to corrupt and overcome.

Be the light.



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