Give Your Love

I’ve often thought that our duty in this world is to take in darkness and never let it back out. Sort of how trees take in carbon monoxide and release oxygen, it’s our duty to transform the darkness into light.

Address happy people with kindness. A friendly wave to the man leaning into road rage. A quick smile to the harried mother you encounter at the store. An encouraging word to a stressed out co-worker.

This is what it means to be the light.

This applies even more so to parents – those charged with molding young hearts and souls.

Recently, our elementary age son told us that he and several of his schoolmates had a discussion about parent(s) telling them they love them. He said there were several (SEVERAL!) kiddos who told everyone their parent(s) never told them they loved them.


Can you imagine going through life having never heard you are loved by the one or two people you need to hear it from the most?

In this crazy world, you just never know what’s going to happen on any given day. Don’t let your child leave your presence without knowing you love them – they need to hear it often so they grow up knowing they’re loved, knowing someone values them more than their doubts can overcome.

Odds are, the people involved in all these mass murders were never told they were loved by their parent(s).

If you are someone who never heard those words from your parent(s), please know that the One who made us all loves you with the sort of love that overwhelms everything in its path.

For you, and everyone else, pass that gift along today – make the world a better place by sharing your love.

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