Rain of Arrows

Ever feel like you’re so under attack the rain of arrows blocks out the sun? As if you’re constantly fighting in the darkness? Like no matter what you do you can’t get away from the incessant barrage? It happens to all of us from time to time.

Or at least it should.

Like it or not, we’re all in a battle – every moment of every day. Not the sort of battle that people make into epic Greek War movies, but a battle with far less special effects. The sort of battle that goes on where no one can see.

A battle in the dark.

If you never feel the effects of this, then you should be sad.

That sounds counter-intuitive, right?

Well, the enemy doesn’t waste ammunition on bystanders. And, if you’re not gaining ground for the light, you’re losing it to darkness. If you strive to lose ground, essentially, you’re fighting for the other side.

But, the closer you are to being part of something amazing, something that truly makes the world a better place, the more the slings and arrows will hit you.

“When things aren’t going my way – when I feel like I’m under attack – that’s when I get excited! That means God is about to do something BIG!” – Pastor Greg Rohlinger

So – if today is a day where you feel you can’t go on – a day where you feel like the enemy is winning – just flip to the back of the bible, where you can quickly see – our side is victorious.

The end is already written and you are a winner.

The attacks fail.

The pain goes away.

The pressure subsides.

And, no matter what the darkness would have you believe, Love wins.

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