Is Your Leader Generous or Selfish?

Lead by example – a phrase we’ve all heard at least once.

Every solid leader, manager, supervisor, boss, parent, authority figure worth their title embraces this philosophy. Teach your followers, team members, employees, children, etc to do by watching you do first.

With that in mind, if you are in any sort of position of influence (which you are whether you realize it or not) those following your lead, and even those who are just noticing your actions during brief encounters throughout the day, re-frame their efforts based on what they see from you.

The ones watching you, following you, even those just peer-checking themselves based on your actions (“Well, Ms. Smith did it, so it must be okay”) frame your words with your actions.

And, what they see tells a lot.

What sort of person are you?

Whose lead are you following?

If your words and deeds align, you are a person of integrity worth following.

If not, well…

The evidence you leave behind also speaks to whose lead you follow.

Break company rules? Then you obviously don’t follow them and therefor you set the example that your rules don’t need to be followed either.

If you don’t follow the example of who you claim to follow, you cast a shadow on yourself and your leader.

Many of you reading this probably say you follow Christ.

If so, are you generous? Or are you primarily concerned with bettering your own situation?

Do you live life with open palms or a closed fist?

Do you open your home, your finances, your time and energy to help those around you?

Do you tithe (meaning give 10% of your gross income to the local church)?

Do you volunteer your time?

Do you donate to charities above and beyond your tithe?

Most Americans have the notion that our country is one of the most generous in the world. Our culture a charitable one. Our social responsibility to one another above reproach.

I heard a statistic yesterday that the average American only gives 2.8% of their finances to charity, the local church or any other manner that would speak to a generous life.

2.8% total.

For those earning $100k to $200k, the number drops to 2.6%.

This immediately debunks the idea of a generous culture and speaks to a deep-seeded need for selfishness and greed.

You know leads with that example?

It’s not the One who gave His only son to save you.

As we head into the holiday season – I urge you to take some time to meditate on whose lead you’re following with your time, talent and earnings. One will lead you to an eternity of generosity beyond all comprehension. The other to a place no one should ever go.




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