Reverence Eyes

When we stop and contemplate how awe-inspiring God is, how complete He is from all-knowing to all-seeing, it’s impossible to truly consider who He is without feeling really, really small and insignificant.

Once we’ve landed in that spot, His love can really work in us, as we learn that the creator of all created us, from every eyelash to toe nail, He designed every cell, emotion and spiritual feeling that makes us who we are. He already knows about every moment of joy, feeling of fear, courageous inspiration and stifling worry.

Viewing Him through this lens makes it almost impossible not to see God with reverence colored glasses. Which is how it should be.

Where I’ve gotten it wrong in the past is placing this reverence and level of emphasis and weight of importance on the things He’s set in motion for me to do. The role God has called me to, the works He’s set in front of me, the act of influencing those He’s placed in my life. In a nutshell, this is my God-given Calling.

But, instead of examining what God has called me to do from a human perspective, complete with fractured, imperfect human eyes, I attempt to attach the same level of reverence to my own works that should be reserved only for God almighty.

He knows.

He knows I’m not capable of being “Super Christian,” He knows I wasn’t ever meant to be the greatest leader, most effective Pastor or earth-shattering persona that changes lives with mere words as if they carried some sort of Midas touch.


God knows I’m only an “untrained idiot”, which is how the twelve disciples were described in the Bible.

Yet, when Jesus asked the disciples to put aside their earthly selves and follow him, none of them said “No, I don’t have a Master’s Degree in Theology, I can’t lead people” or “My home isn’t good enough to invite others in for fellowship” or “what if someone asks me a question I can’t answer?” “I’m no good at praying in front of others,” “what if they say no when I invite them to church?” or any other excuse I’ve thought of when viewing what He’s called me to do through mistaken eyes of reverence. Those same eyes that should only be used when viewing God himself, not what he’s asked me to do.

God knows all my weaknesses. Sure, I can try to hide them from my friends, family, co-workers and especially those I only see at church. But, there’s no hiding my flaws from the one who made me.

He knows.

Is there something God is calling you to do that you’re mistakenly viewing through reverence glasses? Where do you feel led to step out in faith, but don’t because the voice of doubt is telling you you’re not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, charismatic enough, liked enough, loved enough or just plain unworthy?

Name them all and I can bet you one thing:

He knows.

So, embrace your fear, and step out in faith anyway.

God knows and He’ll bless those steps far more than He will inaction based in the false notion of reverence for human actions.

He made you. He knows you. He would never ask you to do something unless He knows you can do it.

And, you guessed it, He knows.

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