When I was a kid, I’d play outside all day. But once the darkness came, I’d see the porch light come on and know it was time to go home.

My friends and I were so engrossed in whatever we were doing that we didn’t anticipate the coming darkness. The light was our signal to get inside – where the darkness didn’t exist.

As an adult, I spent many years wandering around in the dark – not realizing I’d strayed past the light. Then one day, I saw it.

God had left the light on for me.

He did this so I could see the difference between light and dark. He did this so I could know it was time to go home. And he did it so I could see where I was going – guided back to him by the light.

Are you outside in the dark? Have you been out too late?

Thankfully, it’s never too late – the guiding light is there.

Have you seen the porch light? It’s the bright spot in the darkness – the afterglow that will lead you home.



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