The Open Road

There’s just something about getting stuck in traffic that unsettles me at a deep level. I feel confined and caged, as if the surrounding vehicles have clipped my wings, preventing me from soaring wherever I’m led.

Yesterday, my friend Evan McKeel made a comment to me that brought the realization I’m not alone in this feeling.

“If we try and do things in our timing and through our will, we can’t make it very far and tend to just get stuck,” he said. “But, if we wait for God’s timing, it’s like the doors are flung open and we go so much further, faster, than we ever could on our own.”

When I try to do things on my own, following my own human road map, more often than  not I get stuck in traffic. No wonder so many people utter the word “commute” with the same contempt they reserve for describing trips to the dentist’s office.

But, when I follow God’s travel plans for my life, it’s like cruising on an open road. Sure there are the occasional pits stops, detours and potholes along the way, but that’s life. Despite all that, tuning my GPS to His route, His destination and following His path always does just what Evan said, taking me further, faster than I could ever make it on my own.

How about you? Are you driving down a dead end of human desires? Or have you turned the wheel over to Him so he can show you the way?

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