Bulletpoint Proof We’re Made for Relationships

We baptized our son yesterday. What an amazing feeling that created in me. After listening to him describe how he had accepted Jesus into his heart and then saying it was “the best day ever” it got me thinking.

What have been my “best days ever”?

  • The day I married my amazing, beautiful, indescribably awesome wife.
  • The day our son was born
  • The day I was baptized
  • The day my wife was baptized tied with
  • yesterday

Every one of those days was a landmark in a relationship. The relationship of husband and wife, parents and child, God and His children.

No amount of gadgets, cars, houses, trips, guitars, food or anything material or of this world even comes close.

That got me wondering, what are your five favorite days? See a pattern?

Please share in the comments section.


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