One for One Challenge 2014

Back in 2010, I put out this challenge to help us all grow, not backslide (our walk is like a down escalator, if we’re not actively walking up, we’re moving down). Since that was a while back, and we once again feel our spiritual edge dulling, I thought I’d repost it today with some updates. Here we go:


One for One Challenge: I Double Dog Dare You!

Last spring, Angie and I realized we were losing our spiritual edge. So we turned away from our normal means of nightly entertainment (TV or video games) and started watching online messages, or messages on GodTV (a channel on DirecTv that runs all sorts of Christian conferences, sermons, shows, etc) instead. What we found was after one month, our spiritual sword was sharpened once more and we were back to being on fire for God.Sadly, we got away from that after we moved, but thankfully, we’ve gotten back into it recently.So, here’s the challenge.Every weekday for the next month, I dare you to give up one hour of secular entertainment and replace it with one hour of “feeding yourself” with Christian messages.

For those who have no idea where to find such things, you can either tune into GodTV and record some in advance, or simply point your internet browser to one of the following links for a plethora of choices.

The Village Church: Messages From the Heart of Pastor Matt Chandler

Mars Hill: Sermons & Classes by Mark Driscoll, one of our generation’s greatest teachers

New Spring Church led by one of the funniest Pastors of all time, Perry Noble. Guaranteed to have you laughing. 
The REsurgence: Christian Leadership training from the Acts 29 Network. World’s Largest Online Church featuring a great teacher, Craig Groeschel

Palm Valley Church – Our original church home, led by the highly underrated Pastor Greg Rohlinger

Eagle Brook Church – our old church home featuring three wonderful teaching pastors.

Lake Hills Church – Great church in Austin, TX

North Point Church – led by Andy Stanley, another fantastic teaching Pastor.

Willow Creek – the Mother of all bible-based Churches, led by the amazing Bill Hybels.

So, starting today I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to jump into the One for One Challenge.

P.s. If you know of somewhere that has lots of great messages and classes online, please pass the link along.

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