On A Mission From God

We pulled into the parking lot at Eagle Brook Church’s White Bear Lake campus about 4:45pm yesterday and the physical portion of our Mission Trip to Biloxi, MS came to an end. While we were down there, we not only served several families, we served one another and most importantly, we served God.

On the surface the trip seems like nothing more than going down and rebuilding some houses for good people who need some prayers answered.

Underneath that surface, however, the trip was about growth, patience, prayer, faith, evangelism, servitude, living as God intended and weeding the garden of our hearts.

Take a moment this morning and say a prayer for the families we served in Biloxi, the family that served us by providing a place to call home for a week and also say a prayer for us that the fire God started in our hearts will never burn out as long as we walk this earth.

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for loving us.

You know my heart Father. You know I considered backing out of this trip at the last moment and you know you commanded me to go in spite of it. Please forgive me for even considering disobedience.

Thank you so much for commanding me to leave my comfort zone, leave my beautiful wife and wonderful son and head down to Biloxi so that you might use the time, talents and treasures you blessed me with to bless those we encountered.

Father, I beg you this day to protect the hearts and minds of all of us who went on this trip, so that the fire you ignited over the past week will not only continue to burn, but spread like a raging inferno over our lives back home. Fan the flames, Father, so that we ignite the hearts and minds of everyone we come in contact with to be “Born again, again”. Please show us how to live the lives you want us to live and unsettle our hearts if we try to slide back into the “same old, same old”, Father.

You command us to be in this world but not of this world, instead, remaining rooted in Your love. Please remind us of that every moment of every day, Father. Please use us at all times to funnel Your Spirit over everyone we encounter, not diluting it one iota with sins of the flesh, but instead keeping it pure, as You intended it to be. And, make sure we always remember how honoring it is that You chose us to do these things, so that we do them with a joyful and loving heart.

I ask these things of you in your Son’s precious and holy name, amen.

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