Seeing Orange

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Orange Tour with some wonderful folks from NorthPoint Church. While a lot of it was information I was already familiar with thanks to my friend and Kidmin rock star Cathy Harwick, the conference was rewarding and thought provoking.

For those who don’t know what Orange is, here’s a quick definition:

Red symbolizes the heart, located in the home.

Yellow symbolizes the light of Christ, beaming outward from the church.

When you combine the heart and the light, you get orange, a revolutionary movement to have Kidmin leaders partner with parents to help children build a mature faith in an environment of loving guidance.

I’ve been posting a few of the most memorable (to me) quotes from the Tour on Facebook, but thought it might be better to just compile them all here for everyone to read.


  • Most kids who leave the church do so because of weak, immature faith.

Think about this for a minute. Teenagers are leaving our churches in record numbers. Why? Because collectively we’re doing a terrible job of strengthening their faith in the finite amount of time we have with them.

  • Small Group leaders have about 40 hours per year with their kiddos to influence their faith, parents have about 3000.

Now imagine if all 3040 of those hours was used somehow, someway to model and teach them a rock solid faith in Christ? Imagine what that would do to the world around us? A world filled with all sorts of things that utterly fail to glorify God. In fact, the amount of things competing for our kiddos attention is an unending onslaught of unbiblical, anti-Christian thoughts, ideals and values.

  • For every one comment of encouragement we (and more importantly, our kiddos) receive, we take in seven bits of criticism every day. (Imagine if we could turn that one around?)

They followed this up with a really powerful statement:

  • The drops of encouragement throughout your day should outnumber the drops of criticism and judgment. If they don’t, the people in your life will suffer for it… and so will you.

And to add to that, most acutely, so will our kiddos. No child thrives if they’re criticized more than encouraged. There are no exceptions to that rule.

“Replenish others and you will be replenished.” – Proverbs 11:25

My favorite quote of the conference was this one, which I think needs no further commentary, so I’ll leave you with it today, and the hope it helps you encourage everyone in your life seven times more than you criticize or judge:

The best way for kids to know God’s love is to be loved by someone who loves God.


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